Note: All the facts at this web site have been collected from the internet. These facts have been assembled here at this website for your conveinence. I have no idea if they are true or not. I can only assume the original author researched these facts.
Amazing Facts About.....
Bats Bats 2 Honey Bees
Birds Black Holes Your Body
Cats The Chunnel Cows
Dogs Your Eyes Bill Gates
Galileo Galileo 2 J.F.K.
Kangaroo Your Hair Horses
Hummingbirds Insects Insects 2
Insects 3
Intel Lightning
Manatees Money The Ocean
The Ocean 2 Peanuts Pigs
Pope John Paul II Princess Diana Reptiles
Rodents Sharks The Space Shuttle
Spam Whales Misc 1
Misc. 2 Misc. 3 Misc. 4
Misc. 5 Misc. 6 Misc. 7
Misc. 8   Armadilo


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