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What is it that has four legs, one head and a foot?
Answer: A bed
A house full, a yard full, a chimney full; No one can get a spoonful. What is it?
Answer: Smoke
What goes further the slower it goes?
Answer: Money
I move very slowly at an imperceptible rate, although I take my time, I am never late. I accompany life, and survive past demise, I am viewed with esteem in many women's eyes. What am I?
Answer: Hair (or nails)
I have an eye, but I can not see and I am guided only by the winds. I am strong and disasterous but in the center of me, I am calm. I live for a while but I die soon enough, and when you least expect it I am reborn. What am I?
Answer: A hurricane
A hole leading in, a hole leading out, we connect to a cavern that is slimey all throughout. What are we?
Answer: Nostrils
I'm named after nothing, though I'm awfully Clamorous. And when I'm not working, your house is less glamorous. What am I?
Answer: A vacuum cleaner
Swirling, sparkling, shining bright. You can see it in the dead of night. What is it?
Answer: The Milky Way
What is the difference between a rotten husband and a rotten shot?
Answer: One hits his missus, and the other misses his hits.
What is the difference between a school boy studying and a farmer watching his cattle?
Answer: One is stocking his mind, and the other is minding his stock.

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