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    Political Promises!   
"Haunted Houses!"
"Power of Love!"
"Fuel Cost!"
"The Patch!"
"Redneck Tank-Top!" "EmBAREassed!" "Freezing!" "Fill-Up!"
"Brokedown!" "Cat's In Heat!" "Just Plain Cruel!" "Doctor's Office!"
"AAAAAflack!" "Arm & leg!" "Black Sheet!" "Brinks!"
"Stay Away!"
"Recycle It!"
"The Registry!"
"Phelps First Swim...!" "Menopause!" "Unique Men's Toilet!" "The Message!"
"How To Spot....!" "Mirror, Mirror!" "Misleading!" "Moods of Man!"
"Wheels Of Life!" "Lethargic!" "Take A little...!" "If Looks Could Kill!"
"Free Mamogram!" "Bud-Weis-Er!" "Marriage Symbol!" "Men!"
"IRS Pencil!" "Is It In Yet!" "Jehova!" "Junk Mail!"
"KFC Special!" "Labor Day!" "Sorry Cards!" "Learning English!"
"The Door Frame!" "Happy Meal!" "His And Hers!" "In The Mood?"
"The Auction!" "Back In The Day!" "Cowboy Phrases!" "It's Cheaper!"
"Hold Please!" "Harassment!" "Ideas!" "Impotence!"
"Frosty!" "Great A Flat!" "Comeback Later!" "Not Worth It!"
"Aunty!" "Cigars!" "Contemporary House!" "Job Evaluation!"
"Return To Base!" "Ha Ha!" "Hey Mom!" "Does Not Qualify"
"Global Warming!" "Gutsy!" "Guess Who!" "Grown Up"
"Flossing!" "Free Meal!" "Friends!" "Oops"
"Easy Sex!" "Emails!" "Real Mans Remote!" "Excercise"
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