These Are Funny Sometimes Gross Videos.

To See These Videos You Will Need Windows Media Player Installed!
"A Blonde Antelope!" "The Bell Ringer!" "The Best Man!" "Married Too Long!"
"Confused Dog!" "When The Wife...!" "Apartment 6!" "The Tryout!"
"Santa Training!" "Country Boy!"
"Sports Drink!" "Spermies!"
"The Nail gun!" "The Power Drill!" "Reasons To....!" "Awesome Skater!"
"Lip Balm!" "Beware!" "Never Trust A Woman!" "Plasma TV Reality!"
"Board Sailing Oops!" "Ketchup Effect!" "Leaf Blower!" "Lemons!"
"Cop Chase" "Retired Milkman!" "Ball Girl!" "Bungie Jump!"
"Beer Commercial!" "Cup Holder!" "Colorblind Test!" "Elastic Band!"
"Extreme Sex! (XXX)" "Workout Bra! (XX)" "Yeah Baby!" "99 Words For Boobs!"
"When Ya Gotta ...!" "Chinese Recall!" "Baseball Flash!" "Extreme Beer Pong!"

"Trained Goldfish!" "Trojan Games!" "Ultraviolet Light!" "Before Marriage!"
"Saying Goodbye!" "Sperm!" "ABC Titty Song!" "Good Trick!"
"Pool Shots!" "Rock 'N' Roll!" "Japan Ringtones!" "Rubberhead!"
"Clever Art!" "Dynamite Surfing!" "Football Fantasy!" "Foul Ball!"
"Cold Beer!" "Another Oops!" "Not What It Seems!" "Killer?"
"Redneck Custom Car!" "Back Scratcher!" "Biggest Tits (xx)!" "Gotta Go?"
"The Blindman!" "Break Dancing!" "Bangkok Market!" "Cuban Cigar (XXX)!"
"Real TV!" "Watch Kangaroo!" "Wheres My Wife? "Ice Fishing!"
"Xtreme Snowboarding!" "Sumo Wrestling!" "The Translator! "Traffic Cam!"
"Redneck 911!" "Robo Fight!" "Human Slingshot! "Smart Animals!"
Coop's Jokes claims no copyright on these videos. They are here for those who love funny stuff If any of these belong to you under copyright let me know and you will receive full credit. If you like I will remove them altogether.


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