These Are Funny Sometimes Gross Videos. If You Are Offended   Click Here   09/10/05  
To See These Videos You Will Need Windows Media Player Installed!
"Joy Of Pepsi!"
"Lick Off!"
"I Love You!"
"Man Fights Bear!"
"Fat Girl Falls!" "Bird Gets Whacked!" "Fishing Sucks!" "Peek-A-Boo (xx)!"
"Cycle Crash!" "Drag Racing Crash!" "Fast Iraqui!" "Real Stinker!"
"Camera Commercial!" "Smokin!Pussy (xxx)!" "Cat Jumps Kid!" "Cop Finger!"
"Beer!" "Bike!   (ouch)!" "Broken Leg!" "Bud Commercial!"
"The Bull Wins!" "Stupid Guy!" "Office Fun!" "The Altar Boy!"
"Santa vs Shoplifter!" "Sex Position (xxx)!" "Shocking Accidents!" "Speed Parking!"
"Plane Lands On Highway!" "Porcshe Crashes!" "The Rifle Range!" "Rollerblader!"
"Nuclear Orgasm!" "Parking A BMW!" "The Piano Player!" "Pizzaman Wipeout!"
"Man Beats Missle!" "Misinformed!!" "A Real Smeller!" "Motorcycle Crash!"
"They Learn Young!" "Japanese Wazz Up!!" "Kid In Overhead!" "Levis Commercial!"
"Girl Meets Train!" "Granny And Her Dog!" "The Branding!" "How To argue!"
"Flying Kitty!" "Funny Cats!" "More Funny Cats!" "Parasailing Oops!!"
"Death By Auto!" "Effects Of Beer!" "Electric Shock!" "Big Gal Oops!!"
"Cheeky!"< "Citi-Bank!" "Failed Cow Hump!" "Cyclists Fight!"
"Fearri Burnout!" "Car's Revenge!" "Cat Meets Wall!" "What's Going On?!"
"Bird Meets Fastball!" "Boat Sunk!" "Bored In Office!" "Bungee Jump!"
"Amazing Save!" "Anti-Cannabis!" "Beach Oops!" "Bike Crash!"
Coop's Jokes claims no copyright on these videos. They are here for those who love funny stuff If any of these belong to you under copyright let me know and you will receive full credit. If you like I will remove them altogether.

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